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Monday, April 6, 2015

Our move to Georgia

In September of 2014, we moved to Hinesville, Georgia. Chris started his phase II of Physician's Assistant school for the Army. We found a great house for us close to base. Chris loves it mostly because it at a pool in backyard. Liam loved it because it had a diving board. Thankfully it only took about a week to unpack and settle in. The boys love the house. It is very spacious and the yard space is amazing.

Welcome to GA! 

Family picture outside our home. 

Maximus James

Maximus James was born April 29, 2014. He was 7lbs 15oz and 21 inches long. He is perfect. The delivery was a bit tough. His heart rate was down for more than nine minutes. But he came out handsome and perfect in every way.

We are now approaching his first birthday. Looking back he has been a great baby. We had a few set backs with his weight. He is a bit on the small side. We worked really hard to keep his weight up. He is just small. He loves to eat. He is also a great sleeper.

Things to know about Maximus at 11 months.

  • He LOVES his brothers. Liam can always make him laugh. 
  • He loves to eat. He eats non-stop. 
  • He sleeps great. 12 plus hours at night, a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 2/3 hour nap in the afternoon. 
  • He is a crawling fool. Very speedy
  • He is cruses around the furniture. 
  • His favorite toy is a pink my little pony doodle pad and his white bear his brothers made him. 
  • if Max gets upset just pull out the vacuum and he quiets down. 
Elias, Liam and Maximus after we brought Max home


After delivery

My Boys

Maximus and his first Easter bunny experience. 

Causing trouble

Maximus at 5 months

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Year

Well since I am completely behind in my blogging by a year, I think it is time for me to start a new. So I will begin by filling in the major gaps. We have had a lot of changes over the last year! We will take this one blog post at a time. I am hoping to do some catching on during nap time and bed time. It might take a few posts to fill it all in so be patient with me!

I will leave you with a few random pictures until then!

Maximus James - born April 29, 2014 at 5:08pm at 7lbs 15oz



Big brothers

We moved to Georgia in September of 2014

This guy is 2 now! 

Look at those sweet boys

Maximus is now 10 months old

My three handsome boys! 

Love them!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eli's first Haircut

Eli was looking kinda crazy with his hair so we needed to cut it! It was a sad sad day. He looked so big afterwards! 


Eli was not a fan of the warm towel wipe down! 

Look at that handsome boy! 

What a cutie!!!! 

September 2013 iPhone Pictures

Here are some pictures from September! 

Happy baby! 

Liam and Lachlan were "napping" and playing Chima in the backyard! 

Wrestling with the sofa pillows 

Liam loved playing in the cabinet! 

Eli has been teething like crazy! 

Liam wanted to make a trap

Poor baby got sick one day! 

Poor Lexy! So has to put up with so much! 

Super Eli! 

Brotherly love!

Eli loves his kitty! 

Playing basketball! 

Again poor Lexy! 

Halloween 2013

Halloween is always fun time for us. Liam can never pick just one costume. He has a hard time making a decision. This year was no exception. He finally settled on being a Lion from the Lego Chima set. I had no idea how I was going to make this happen. Thankfully my mom got Liam a Chima sword and shield.  I managed to find a zip up hoodie at the store with the lion on it. He was so excited. 

Our first Halloween event was at Seaworld. There was got to trick or treat around the park. There lots of cute characters to meet and see as we went along the path! Both boys loved it! Eli really loved this penguin! 

Shaking hands! 

Eli really loved this guy! 

After Seaworld, I decided that I wanted to take Liam to Zoo Boo. He loves the zoo, so I thought it would be tons of fun! Well we got a late start since we were rear-ended on our way. No worries everything was fine. We finally made it to the zoo. The line was terribly long and it was so crowded! Liam loved it but man the crowds were terrible. It was so bad that I only took one picture!

Liam in his costume. Notice the rain boots. Liam insisted on them! 

On Halloween, we did our trick or treating with the Gibbins and the McDowells. We do love our neighborhood!
Here are the little ones Eli was not a huge fan of his dragon costume! 

Liam, Matthew, Eli and Isaiah. 

All the kids. 

Man on a mission! 

Look at those kids. 

We had so much candy! 

First Day of Pre-K

 Liam started his last year of preschool.  He was excited to start. This year his teacher is Ms. Roberta! He was so excited about this year! It was hard for me. The idea of having a almost 5 year old and him moving on to kindergarden is nerve wracking to me. He is growing all to fast for me.

My big boy!

My sweet boys! 

Liam and Ms. Roberta